Montage Shawl

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Montage is the interplay of light and dark, garter and stockinette, resulting in the formation of a delicate motif among a network of rigid lines. As the garment grows, a sophisticated and architectural sequence emerges, invoking a sense of luxury and high-end fashion. The shawl is constructed bottom up, has an asymmetrical triangular shape by increasing along the left side, and includes a 3-stitch i-cord border.

Employing the technique of mosaic knitting, this project is the perfect means for destashing: Use two contrasting colors of single skeins from sock clubs or those one-off purchases from your LYS. It’s an engaging introduction into colorwork since only one yarn is worked at a time. The results are intricate, but the method is surprisingly straightforward.

Thank you for choosing to knit Montage. My intention is to provide an error-free and thorough pattern. If you do have difficulties or questions, please reach out. You can find me on Ravelry and Instagram, or email me at

Feel free to mention me in posts of WIPs and FOs on Instagram, and I encourage you to create a project on Ravelry if you use the platform. I look forward to seeing your shawls come to life.

Because this is my design debut, it is available for free. If you enjoyed knitting it and would like to show support, I will graciously accept a thank you at Venmo.

All text, images, and graphics are © 2023 by Jen Schuetz. This pattern is for personal use only, and any reproduction, distribution, or selling of it is prohibited.