Jen Schuetz lives on the best coast, in San Francisco, California. She's a fanatic about yarn, knitting, and weaving, and she chronicles her projects on Ravelry. She posts recipes from her kitchen adventures at The Rogue Baker. Though she isn't as obsessive about it since her manual camera days, she's been known to make an image or two, all found on Flickr, Instagram, and VSCO. Sometimes she says witty things on Twitter.

Other obsessions: coconut, coffee & chocolate, fermented foods, buying in bulk, tattoos, indoor rock climbing, the sun, and sea turtles. She pretends her animals know what she's saying when she talks to them.

Her philosophy is to invest in experiences rather than possessions. Of course, she and her husband would still like to own property on an island someday. And maybe operate a cute little coffee stand with homemade treats.

Photo by her main squeeze, Naz Hamid.